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When you’re searching for a full range of denture services from a provider who puts you first, look no further than Peninsula Denture Clinic Ltd.

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When you’re searching for a full range of denture services from a provider who puts you first, look no further than Peninsula Denture Clinic Ltd.
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Complete Dentures are artificial replacements for your natural teeth and gums. If you’ve had an accident, or had poor oral health, leaving you with only a few healthy teeth or sometimes none at all, your dentist might suggest dentures to replace your missing teeth with complete dentures.

Complete dentures consist of two main parts: the artificial teeth and the denture base. Artificial teeth are used to restore the appearance of the natural teeth, chewing and to assist in word pronunciation.

The dental base is the foundation of the artificial teeth, providing an anchor for the prosthetic. They can also be used to restore the defective tissue or gum and to hold the artificial teeth in place. Biting force is distributed from the artificial teeth through the denture base to the bone tissues, distributing the shock and decreasing wear and tear.

What Are Dentures Made Of?

In the past, dentures were made out of porcelain or plastic, but more modern dentures are generally made out of a hard resin which is a synthetic material. This hard resin in dentures are more fragile than natural teeth and can easily chip if not uncared for, therefore it’s important to follow these instructions carefully.

The main structural component of dentures which holds the artificial teeth is made of a resin that closely resembles the teeth. This polymer is designed to resemble the gum lines while being flexible and snug fitting.

Caring for your Complete Dentures

Complete dentures need to be cleaned every day just like natural teeth. Otherwise, plaque and tartar can build up on your dentures and cause stains, bad breath and gum problems which might mean your dentures will need to be replaced.

To clean your dentures, remove them from your mouth and run them under hot water to rinse off any loose food particles. Then wet a denture brush or a regular toothbrush and apply denture cleaner or a mild soap. Regular toothpaste is too abrasive and should not be used for cleaning dentures. Gently brush all surfaces of the dentures including under the gaps where bacteria collect. Be careful not to damage the dentures. Before you put your dentures back in, make sure to rinse them extremely well in clean water.

It is also a good idea to give your gums a massage while your dentures are removed. If your toothbrush hurts your gums, run it under warm water to make it softer or try using a soft-tip brush or even a damp cloth.

Transition into Complete Dentures

Many people dislike the idea of wearing dentures even more than the thought of undergoing the surgery or living in constant pain from. Together with the challenges that accompany successful wearing dentures, the transition to dentures can be difficult.  If you’re curious about dentures or have any questions, give us a call at Peninsula Denture Clinic. We have clinics in Sidney and Victoria to serve you.

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