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Unfortunately, over time, your teeth and jaw undergo inevitable changes. In addition, your dentures undergo natural wear and tear. Therefore, your dentures should be replaced every five to seven years to restore best fit, function and appearance. If your dentures become loose, chip or even break, for example, it doesn’t mean you will require a new denture. A rebase might solve your problem, but what is a rebase exactly?



Rebasing is usually done when the denture teeth are still in good condition, but the base material has either come a part or has worn for some reason. This process involves retrofitting dentures by replacing the acrylic denture base with new acrylic, which stabilizes the dentures without replacing the denture teeth.


A word of warning here. You should never attempt to repair or alter your dentures yourself. Improperly repaired dentures will not last long and may cause irritation due to the poor fit and even cause unnecessary health problems. Always take your denturist or a dentist to professionally repair your dentures. Most repairs are quick and can easily be done in one day so you don’t need to be worried about being inconvenienced.

Reasons for rebase procedure:

  • Broken denture
  • Weakened dentures
  • Old denture base
  • Change in mouth structure

Nowadays, plastic teeth are the most commonly used in dentures. In the past, porcelain teeth were sometimes used but the material was replaced with plastic to increase the lifespan of the dentures. While not especially common, some parts of a denture’s base may be made out of metal. This is one way to make the denture’s base thinner which can fix some speech problems. It can also be chosen to make it more durable but it can also be more uncomfortable. It really depends on the individuals preference.

How Long Can Full Dentures Last?

By far the biggest issue with dentures are damaged teeth. This can either be from natural wear and tear or from biting on a hard piece of food. Denture base factures are also fairly common. If you encounter either problem, talk to your dentist as either issue can be fixed.

The Difference Between Rebasing and Relining

The two procedures are similar. Relining adds material to the inner plate that hugs your gums, either to add some conform or to repair and replace lost or broken parts of the denture. Rebasing, in comparison to relining, offers a way to increase the lifespan. It can be extended by fixing or correction a variety of problems.


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