Immediate Dentures

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Immediate dentures are inserted into a person’s mouth immediately after their teeth are removed which will instantly allow them to begin learning to eat and speak with their new teeth. This allows people to leave the office feeling better about their appearance and get on with the healing process.


Immediate dentures are chosen by people who don’t want or unable to have oral implants. Immediate dentures provide a good solution to avoid going without a prosthesis following dental extractions.


People who want immediate dentures should know about the challenges of wearing removable prostheses for the first time. They will likely experience swelling, bleeding, bruising and other unpleasant consequences of dental extractions. Chewing and speech may also be awkward and challenging for the first few days or weeks after dentures are implanted as the person gets used to them.

The Immediate Denture Process

The immediate denture procedure differs from the usual denture procedure because the dentures are created from a mold of the original teeth before they are pulled. The first step is to take impressions of your existing teeth and gums to create accurate duplicates for denture placement after tooth removal. At your extraction appointment, the goal is for the person to have immediate dentures which will look natural and creating a natural smile to be proud of.


One of the issues with immediate dentures is the inability to test out the prosthesis before they finally go in. Therefore, the functionality and mouth shape may be unpredictable when compared to complete denture insertion with its advantage of a trial run first. Talk to your dentist about the pros and cons of immediate dentures before making a decision.

Post Operation

After the original teeth are pulled, gums and the bone will most likely recede. Regular check-ups and maintenance will be needed to monitor the swelling, healing process and reduce potential problems that might arise. Temporary linings or tissue conditioners maybe be required to create a better fit and may need to be adjusted or replaced many times during the healing period. If the dentures do not set properly, a refitting might be required to ensure a comfortable and a proper fit after you have completed the healing process.


It is also recommend you see your regular dentist within the first week after the insertion for a checkup since they have all your records and will be able to assess you easily. Your regular dentists will give a qualified second option and evaluate the healing process. They will also make necessary adjustments if necessary. You will need to be followed closely for the first couple of weeks after the denture is inserted to ensure optimal healing. If you experience undue pain or severe discomfort, don’t hesitate to make an appointment at Peninsula Denture Clinic. We have locations in Victoria and Sydney to serve you.

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