Precision Dentures

Precision Dentures are designed to focus on tooth selection and overall appearance. To be considered precision, dentures they have a number of extra requirements that need to be met. For example, they often use superior quality materials and need additional technical expertise is needed. The reason for precision dentures can be just purely cosmetic or it can be because there is some sort of complication with the teeth and gums.

The patient can expect precision denture to have an improved fit, better function, greater durability and superior esthetics. It is also a more accurate process with higher quality materials, providing patients the optimum in today’s denture design.

How Do Precision Dentures Work?

Precision Dentures are customized to the individual to provide facial support, precise function, and increased strength. They last longer than traditional dentures and give dental patients more choices and flexibility for naturally beautiful smiles.

Precision dentures generally have a two-step process. First a preliminary impression is taken which provides a model of the patient’s teeth, gums, and jaw. With these records, a custom-made impression tray can be designed resembling much more closely the shape of patients’ mouth. In a second appointment, another impression will be taken using this more accurate tray and done with a technique called border molding in order to capture the patient’s mouth more accurately.

Unlike a conventional denture, the bite registration stage will also require two steps. The first is to capture the basic components of centric occlusion, midline, high smile line, and lip support. For the second step a specialized device will be employed which allows the transfer of much more detailed bite registration records. The end result of these extra measurements is more accuracy which will give the person a finely tuned bite that will most likely be more comfortable and will give better stability when chewing.

Most of today’s precision denture bases are done with an injection. However, a traditional hand packed technique can also be employed. In either system the dentist uses a quality high impact acrylic to create the dentures.

Precision Denture Choices

By far the biggest issue with dentures are damaged teeth. This can either be from natural wear and tear or from biting on Our dedicated team at Peninsula Denture Clinic work with you to choose the perfect teeth for your dentures that match your facial features and fit your budget. The real benefit with Precision Dentures is everything can be customized. You can choose from porcelain or plastic dentures, and additionally customize the shape, size, and colour of your new teeth. The final design of your Precision Dentures will be natural and attractive so that you are the only one who can tell that they aren’t your real teeth. With two locations in Victoria and Sidney to serve you, book an appointment with us today.

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