Immediate Dentures

To have a securely fitting denture, it is necessary to allow enough time for the denture to be made properly, this takes time and several appointments.

To build your immediate denture an impression is taken, and a model of your teeth is made. This is used to understand your bite and make a wax denture that imitates your current bite and will not alter your jaw alignment.

Once a wax denture has been tried and the bite has been confirmed, the immediate denture will be made. This is given to the dentist, who will insert the denture after your teeth have been extracted. This denture will need to be tissue conditioned as your mouth heals and the swelling in the gums recedes. As your mouth changes, your denture will not fit; the tissue conditioner will allow for a proper fit.

A tissue conditioning is a soft liner that fits between your denture and your gums that will allow your gums to heal. As your gums heal the shape and swelling will decrease causing poorly fitting dentures, whenever this happens you need to have it adjusted and fitted as quickly as possible. Rubbing between the denture and the gums will cause swelling, infections, and prevent the healing process.

Your denture price includes two tissue conditioning and as many adjustments as needed to create a proper fit.

In about one year after your extractions have healed completely, you will need to have your denture rebased. This will create the final denture that conforms to your now healed mouth. Peninsula Denture Clinic can do the rebase in one day, you will need to book before 10:00 in the morning and you can have your denture back before 3:00 the same day. This is not included in the denture price but is often covered under basic insurance.

Once your Denture is inserted, you may find there are spots that rub, when this happens it is important to book an appointment as quickly as possible, you can book adjustments in Sidney or Victoria. Adjustments often take only a few minutes and will prevent soreness, swelling, and possible infections. These adjustments are complimentary for three months after the denture insert date. Peninsula Denture Clinic also offers an annual complimentary recare appointment to monitor the health of your gums, and the fit and health of your denture.

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