Denture Care and Maintenance

Keep Your Dentures Looking Great and Lasting Longer With Regular Maintenance!

Like regular teeth, dentures should be brushed at least once daily to remove any food and plaque. Brushing daily prevents food stains and deposits of hardened plaque called calculus that can be difficult to remove. Brush over a folded towel or a full sink of water to prevent damage by accidentally dropping. First soak the denture, in a cleaning solution, then hold very gently in your hand without squeezing and gently brush to clean. It is very important to use a light pressure as dentures can be damaged easily. Use a soft bristle denture brush. Brush with water and a small amount of dish detergent. Toothpaste should not be used as it can be abrasive. If you remove your denture at night, place in clean water and let soak. Rinse with fresh water in the morning before inserting.

We highly recommend cleaning once a day, preventing stains and buildup which can be difficult to remove if left too long. Adjustments should be done as soon as you notice any discomfort to prevent swelling, sores, and possible infection. At Peninsula Denture Clinic Ltd. we guarantee all work and offer free adjustments for the first three months of any new denture to ensure your comfort.

Our In-House Lab Offers Same Day Repairs and Rebases

Dentures can last ten years, but the shape of your mouth can change with weight loss, weight gain, medications, and a number of other factors. This can change the fit of the denture. When the teeth are still in good condition, a rebase is done. A rebase will replace the acrylic part of the denture and requires an impression to ensure the denture fit is comfortable. The process takes four hours and can be done the same day.

If your denture breaks or is damaged and needs repair, our lab can fix your teeth on the same day! This includes adding teeth, replacing teeth, and repairs requiring an impression.

Bottles of Nu-Dent Are Available For $10.00

To keep your dentures clean and in the best condition we recommend Nu-dent cleaner. This professional denture cleaner is sold at our clinic and does not contain large amounts of bleaching material that can affect you denture over time.

Adjusting to New Dentures

Dentures require a period of adjustment, at first eating, talking and even laughing might feel unfamiliar. It will take time and practice before your dentures begin to feel natural.

Start with soft foods and gradually move toward harder foods, using the sides of your teeth and not the front for biting and chewing.

As your gums heal, if you notice sore spots or pressure, visit us as quickly as possible, Robert can adjust your denture to maintain your comfort.

Peninsula Denture Clinic offers a yearly complimentary recare appointment to monitor the health of your denture and gums. This appointment can be set up at your insert appointment.

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